Manual Therapy In Scarborough

As the name implies, manual therapy involves hands-on treatment by the physiotherapist to help you regain normal joint movement, decrease pain and muscle tightness, and improve function. Techniques may include joint mobilizations, passive range of motion of the affected joint, and/or static or active stretching of the muscles and joints against the physiotherapist’s resistance. Massage and other soft tissue techniques may also be used.

Joint mobilizations involve moving the joints in specific ways and with a specific grade of force depending on the result you wish to achieve. Some specialized techniques we may employ include the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for back and neck pain, or the Mulligan Concept to mobilize with movement or functional tasks.

Massage and other soft tissue techniques (such as trigger point release) are very effective tools for relieving muscle tension and tightness and are usually used in combination with the other manual therapies listed above.

At Wilcox Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, manual therapy will always be a part of your treatment.

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